1. the distribution of agricultural products

We are running the business by simplifying the distribution network through direct trade with importers or direct import for fruits such as bananas, oranges, and mangoes that cannot be produced in Korea. Also, we are actively engaged in sales activities with distribution points such as large marts and discount stores as our main suppliers.

2. the electronic cigarette distribution industry

We acquired the exclusive distributor (BC600/BC5000) for the first time in Korea for the main product of the brand "ELFBAR", the world's No. 1 in sales, and are conducting online and offline sales activities with a large convenience store chain.

3. Distribution of health functional food ingredients

We import ingredients from third countries such as the United States, China, and India to make health functional foods produced in Korea. We supply them to some of the famous manufacturers in Korea. We also have obtained exclusive rights to import organic ingredients produced in third countries. We operate the import business by utilizing various overseas infrastructures to import ingredients such as organic lutein, which is somewhat difficult to handle.

4. Vendor Contract

We serve as a bridge to relieve the financial pressure of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and deliver high-quality products produced in Korea to consumers by signing vendor contracts for distribution channels that are difficult to enter.