What is Cannabis?
(About Cannabis)

Some of the natural compounds found in Cannabis include cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabis is divided into personal use (marijuana) and industrial use (hemp) according to the amount of THC. Hemp refers to the industrial use of cannabis which has a lower amount of hallucinogenic ingredients than the standard, but the standards vary from country to country.

Use of Major CountriesDefinition of Hemp for Industrial
Cannabis Sativa L., and any part of that plant with a THC concentration of not more than 0.3% on a dry weight basis (2014 Agricultural Act)
Cannabis plant or any part of that plant with a THC concentration of not more than 0.3% in the leaves and pistil
There is no separate definition for Hemp, but the term Hemp is used in the Korean Food Code. - (Korean Food Code) List of raw materials available for food: (Name) Hemp steed - (scientific name) Cannabis Sativa L. (Available part) Seed that has been completely removed from the shell (bract and outer skin) *(1) Hemp seed: THC 5 mg/kg or less, CBD 10 mg/kg or less, (2) Hemp seed oil: THC 10 mg/kg or less, CBD 20 mg/kg or less (THC 0%, CBD 0.002%)

The Efficacy of Hemp

Despite similar chemical structures, the psychological effects of CBD and THC are very different.
CBD is a non-psychologically active compound and does not cause hallucinations. CBD is known to have the effect of improving and alleviating various symptoms with fewer side effects. CBD is known that it improves pain, inflammation, indigestion, antioxidants, anti-aging, dementia, stress, anxiety, musculoskeletal diseases, skin diseases, and immune systems

The reason why CBD can produce these various effects is because of the Endocannabinoid System. ECS is widely distributed in the body and works for the ‘purpose of maintaining homeostasis’. The system is a biological system that mammals have, including the human, and is very important to control the overall function of the body, including the brain, heart, skin, organs, emotions. Because the system is complex and spread throughout the body, it affects various parts of the body.


Hemp for Personal Use

1. Pain relief
2. The calming effect
3. Helps mental activity


Hemp for Medical Use

1. The calming effect
2. Anti-cancer/anti-inflammatory
3. Promoting appetite
4. Helps Insomnia

Melrose Facility Management (MFM)
About Melrose Facility Management

MFM grows, manufactures, and distributes cannabis in California, United States.

The business field of MFM

MFM built a micro-business in the cannabis industry from the cultivation, and extraction to the distribution of cannabis. MFM provides transparent and safe supply from original cultivation to distribution to consumers.

MFM’s licenses

MFM license details
The Cannabis business consists of four types: cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and retail, and licenses are required from the city and state to operate the business in the United States. In Los Angeles, California, we have acquired a 100% stake in Melrose Facility Management., LLC (MFM), which holds licenses for the cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution of cannabis for personal and medical use, and entered the Cannabis business in the U.S.


Optimized cultivation
The cultivation license held by MFM is the Indoor Type and approved by the California State Government (DCC) and the LA City (DCR) and enables us to cultivate cannabis on a site of 10,000 sqft for personal and medical use. MFM uses two cultivation spaces with the vertical farming method to produce cannabis.


Extraction using ethanol
Ethanol extraction is carried out at a low temperature. The plant-derived oil is mixed with ethanol to remove impurities such as fat, wax, and lipids and a cooling process is performed. After that, the pure CBD oil is extracted through a rotary evaporator.


Establishment of the Distribution Value Chain
We have confirmed the marketability of Cannabis in the United States through the distribution of electronic cigarette cartridges and batteries made with Cannabis. We are planning to develop MFM's own brand and launch products, and we are also planning to expand the market by establishing a value chain system from retail stores to sales and delivery in the future.