2023. 01 Merger with JASON & COMPANY
2022. 08 Changed the company name to SETOPIA CO., Ltd.


2020. 12 Relocation of the company building (Daechidong)
2020. 08 Changed the company name MIDAS AI
2019. 01 Acquisition of 'Snake Eyes', an AI solution development company (changed its name to Hanryu AI Research)
2019. 01 Acquisition of Sports Seoul (Change of name to Hanryu Times)
2018. 12 Changed its name to Hanryu AI Center Co., Ltd.
2018. 03 Changed its name to BIO Nicsgene Co., Ltd.
2017. 11 Obtained ISMS certification
2017. 04 Merged with Secu-Plus Co., Ltd.
2016. 09 Awarded 2016 Venture Activation Award
2016. 07 Relocation of the company building (Seoul Forest)
2016. 04 Released SafePROCESS (Solution to respond to ransomware)
2016. 04 Pre-listing on KOSDAQ
2015. 10 Selected as a small and medium-sized enterprise that fosters talent (Small and Medium Business Corporation)
2014. 12 Awarded IT Innovation Award
2013. 11 Listed in KONEX
2013. 07 Designated as an advanced technology center
2013. 02 Awarded the 12th Korea SW Company Competitive Award
2013. 02 Obtained ISO 27011 / BS 10012 certification
2013. 01 Designated as a corporate brand of HI Seoul
2012. 12 Won a special award in the field of information protection industry at the 12th Information Protection Award
2011. 11 Acquisition of UNET Systems NAC Division


2010. 10 Awarded the Minister of Knowledge Economy for Outstanding Venture Companies at the 7th Venture Korea 2010 Award
2010. 09 Awarded by the Minister of Health and Welfare Award on the 11th Social Welfare Day.
2007. 11 Released SafeUSB+ (Security USB)
2006. 12 Recognized as excellent in the 'IT corporate sector’ of the Digital Knowledge Management Awards
2006. 01 Certified as Innovative Companies (INNOBIZ) (Small and Medium Business Administration)
2005. 11 Awarded ‘New SW Grand Prize’ SafePC Enterprise (Minister of Information and Communication)
2005. 07 Selected as one of the superior technology companies (Korea Technology Finance Corporation)
2005. 02 Released SafePC Enterprise (Total PC Security Solution)
2004. 12 Awarded by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy in the joint sales category for cooperation among small and medium-sized enterprises.
2003. 12 Awarded the grand prize at the 6th National Federation of Industrial Cooperation
2003. 03 Selected as administrative information protection system of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security (SafePC)
2002. 12 Selection of small and medium-sized enterprises for information and communication (Ministry of Information and Communication)
2002. 09 Established NICSTECH in Hongkong
2001. 06 Development and sales of SafePC (PC Security Product)
2000. 12 Won a bronze medal at "2nd Linux Excellent S/W Contest" for Hotscript
2000. 11 Relocation of the company building 12, Mabang-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
2000. 08 Established NICSTECH IT Professional Training Center
1999. 12 Selected as a promising SME in the 21st century (Ministry of Information and Communication)
1999. 01 Selected as a New Technology Development Venture Company (Seoul Regional Small and Medium Business Administration)
1996. 12 Established Software Technology Lab of NICSTECH Co., Ltd.
1995. 10 Established NICSTECH CO., Ltd.